Pushing the Boundaries of International Relations

Global Politics Unbound is a research group within Queen Mary University of London’s School of Politics and International Relations. Our aim is to lead debates on transformations of global politics by pushing the boundaries of conceptual, empirical and methodological research in International Relations and cognate disciplines.

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Marie Beauchamps joins SPIR

Marie Beauchamps joined the School of Politics and International Relations as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoc fellow on 1 May 2019. She is the author of Governing Affective Citizenship: Denaturalization, Belonging, and Repression (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2019).

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Kimberly Hutching’s New Book: ‘Can Political Violence Ever Be Justified?’

Kimberly Hutchings, Professor of Politics and International Relations and Head of School has co-authored a book with Elizabeth Frazer, Associate Professor of Politics at the University of Oxford.
Available now.

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Updated! TheoryLAB and Doing IPS: Work-in-progress Seminar Series

A new work-in-progress seminar for staff and PhD students in SPIR begins in January 2019, under the joint umbrella of TheoryLAB and Doing IPS. Updated schedule now added.

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Mike Magcamit joins SPIR

Mike Magcamit is a Marie Skodowlska-Curie fellow who will be working with Lee for two years on a project entitled The Divine Tragedy of Securing the Sacred: Security, Religion and Nationalism in Southeast Asia.

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Research Project: Mobile People

Co-directed by Professors Engin Isin and Kimberley Hutchings, Queen Mary University of London Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarships (QMUL-LTDS) will involve 21 PhD research projects (2018-2023) concerned with how the world is being dynamically constituted by mobile people in active and novel ways and how this affects fundamental social and political institutions.

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Event: Tankers, Tycoons, and the Making of Modern Regimes of Law, Labour, and Finance

The latest in the event series “Mobility: Peoples, Things, Words” is organised by Queen Mary Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS) and Queen Mary University of London Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholars (QMUL-LTDS) programme. This speaker series focuses on mobility not only as a geographic or historical movement but also social, political and cultural circulation of peoples, things and words.

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Janne Autto (University of Lapland) to visit SPIR from 14th-26th January

Janne Autto from the University of Lapland will be visiting SPIR 14-26 January 2019; Janne will be located in Office 2.24, Arts One Building.

Besides exploring research cooperation between SPIR and Faculty of Social Science at the University of Lapland, he will be working with Jef Huysmans on security and austerity. Janne’s visit also aims at establishing a Finnish connection with the Doing International Political Sociology network.

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Women and the History of International Thought

This four-year research project aims to systematically recover and evaluate the international thought of women both inside and outside academe during the early to mid-twentieth-century.

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Clive Gabay’s New Book: ‘Imagining Africa: Whiteness and the Western Gaze’

The book discusses the long history of idealism concerning the potential of economic and political developments in Africa, the latest iteration of which emerged around the time of the 2007-8 global financial crisis. Gabay takes a historical approach to questions concerning change and international order as these apply to Africa in Western imaginaries. Challenging traditional postcolonial …

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Doing International Political Sociology

Queen Mary Convenors: Jef Huysmans, Hesham Shafick, Katharine Weatherhead Doing IPS brings together researchers working in the broad area of International Political Sociology (IPS). They explore (a) different theoretical and methodological lines of thought that are deployed in IPS, (b) key themes of debate that are currently shaping IPS, and (c) how IPS enacts critical lineages …

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