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Publication: “Eyes Bigger than Stomachs: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria”

Author: Chris Phillips

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Publication: “A Climate of Scarcity: Electricity in India, 1899–2016”

Author: Liz Chatterjee

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Kimberly Hutching’s New Book: ‘Can Political Violence Ever Be Justified?’

Kimberly Hutchings, Professor of Politics and International Relations and Head of School has co-authored a book with Elizabeth Frazer, Associate Professor of Politics at the University of Oxford.
Available now.

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Clive Gabay’s New Book: ‘Imagining Africa: Whiteness and the Western Gaze’

The book discusses the long history of idealism concerning the potential of economic and political developments in Africa, the latest iteration of which emerged around the time of the 2007-8 global financial crisis. Gabay takes a historical approach to questions concerning change and international order as these apply to Africa in Western imaginaries. Challenging traditional postcolonial …

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