Doing International Political Sociology

Doing International Political Sociology

Queen Mary Convenors: Jef Huysmans, Hesham Shafick, Katharine Weatherhead

Doing IPS brings together researchers working in the broad area of International Political Sociology (IPS). They explore (a) different theoretical and methodological lines of thought that are deployed in IPS, (b) key themes of debate that are currently shaping IPS, and (c) how IPS enacts critical lineages and their limits in the social sciences.

Doing IPS aims to be an international hub shaping future lines of research in IPS. The group has a distinct interest in (a) fracturing the international and the global and (b) developing transversal understandings of contemporary worlds. Fracturing asks for the development and use of conceptual and methodological tools that facilitate analysing issues like violence, mobility, security and citizenship through temporalities of becoming and practices of connecting that work across instituted boundaries, including both disciplinary boundaries and borders that spatially contain practices. The group explores the limits of and alternatives to analytical practices and languages that use familiar conceptual repertoires in the social sciences, such as levels, dialectics of integration and fragmentation, and dichotomous separations of inside and outside.

For more information about the group and its activities, visit their website doingips.

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