Doing International Political Sociology

Queen Mary Convenor: Jef Huysmans


DoingIPS brings together researchers working in the broad area of International Political Sociology (IPS). They explore different theoretical and methodological lines of thought that are deployed in IPS and key themes of debate that are currently shaping IPS. More than a finite research group, DoingIPS is a hub that aims to promote International Political Sociology by adopting a flexible and inclusive approach.

Since its inception international political sociology has been defined by its distinct effort to articulate a critique of dogmatic conceptualisations of the international as a site of political life. To that aim, it explores the conceptions of the social and political that historically have been inscribed in ‘the international’, how the international is produced in multiple sites of political and social life and what the limits of the international are. One of the driving interests of IPS is to understand transversal social and political life that escapes institutionalisation in contained polities and societies. It creates a site for developing concepts, methods and theories that go beyond the inherited models of territorialised sovereignty, state/society relations and the international system while engaging some of the most pertinent challenges in world politics today.

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