Film Screening: ‘Pili’

A single mother facing an HIV+ status, a community of stigma and a generation of poverty, Pili is offered the chance to change it all. But with only 3 days to do so, will she be able to? Facing generations of internalised stigma, Pili’s battle is not just for money, but for acceptance.

The film builds on Dr Sophie Harman’s fieldwork on East African women enduring HIV/AIDS.   Despite having never made a film before, producer Sophie Harman was determined to communicate the lives of East African women in the most compelling narrative possible alongside director Leanne Welham. To comprehend life in Miono, they spoke with 80 women from Pwani, discussing their lives, hopes and experiences of living with HIV/AIDS. From this, the two sketched out the beautiful story of the film. In creating the film, producer Sophie Harman and director Leanne Welham found that for most women in Pwani, their stories of poverty and HIV discrimination were the same. A mentor to the women in Miono, and a cast member in Pili named Sesilia remarked, ‘Pili is everywhere.’

Special screening and with Producer Sophie Harman and Director Leanne Welham:

Tickets for Mon 15th, Lexi Cinema:

Tickets for Weds 18th, Crouch End Art House:

Details on other cinemas screening Pili could be found on the Pili Film facebook page

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