Women and the History of International Thought

Women and the History of International Thought

Lead Researchers: Professor Kimberly Hutchings, Professor Patricia Owens and Dr Katharina Rietzler

Funding Agency: Leverhulme Trust

This is a  four-year research project that aims to systematically recover and evaluate the international thought of women both inside and outside academe during the early to mid-twentieth-century. It will locate academic women researching international relations in Anglo-American centres of IR; analyse the intellectual contributions of women thinker-practitioners in non-academic locations to challenge existing standards of inclusion; and examine the writings of already canonical women that have so far been marginalised in histories of international thought. Given the influence of European traditions on the largely Anglo-American discipline of International Relations and the simultaneous neglect of black intellectuals it includes European and diaspora women such as Simone de Beauvoir, Anna Julia Cooper, Rosa Luxemburg, Bertha von Suttner, Eslanda Robeson, and Simone Weil.

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