Janne Autto (University of Lapland) to visit SPIR from 14th-26th January

Janne Autto
Janne Autto

Janne Autto from the University of Lapland will be visiting SPIR 14-26 January 2019; Janne will be located in Office 2.24, Arts One Building.

Besides exploring research cooperation between SPIR and Faculty of Social Science at the University of Lapland, he will be working with Jef Huysmans on security and austerity. Janne’s visit also aims at establishing a Finnish connection with the Doing International Political Sociology network.

Janne Autto is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Lapland. His work focuses on political struggles over the welfare state and citizens’ social rights and responsibilities, including governmental aspirations and resistance to them. His intellectual home is in cultural theory, the major directions of interest being Bourdieusian and Foucauldian thinking, British cultural studies and French pragmatic sociology. In addition, he has a strong interest in qualitative research methods. He has applied in particular methods of semiotic sociology and narrative research.

His recent publications include:

Autto, J. & Törrönen, J. (2018) ‘Yes, but all responsible Finns want to stop living on credit’: Feeling rules in the Finnish politics of austerity. Citizenship Studies, forthcoming.

Autto, J. & Törrönen, J. (2017) ‘Justifications of citizens’ subject positions in public debates on welfare’. Acta Sociologica 60(1), 61–73.

Autto, J. (2015) ‘When policymakers and parents meet political discourses: Fields and subject positions in the Finnish debates on children’s day care’. Social Politics 23(1): 94–118.

He has edited a book on cultural studies of welfare state (with Mikael Nygård, Hyvinvointivaltion kulttuurintutkimus, Lapland University Press 2015) as well as on working-life (with Merja Kinnunen, Tänään töissä, Lapland University Press 2009). He is a member of editorial board of Sosiologia, the Finnish journal of sociology published by the Westermarck Society.

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