Media: Angus McNelly and Ray Kiely speak to The Know Show podcast

Angus joined the School of Politics and IR as a lecturer in January 2019, having previously taught at King’s College London as well as the QMUL School of Management and Business. He was previously a PhD student at SPIR, completing his doctoral project in March 2019.

Ray Kiely ( is Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, UK. His books include The Neoliberal Paradox (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018) and The Conservative Challenge to Globalization (Agenda Publishing, 2020).

Angus spoke to The Know Show about the politics of social movements, indigeneity, violence and coca production in Bolivia, the central contradictions of the progressive government of Evo Morales (2006–2019) and the crisis that enveloped the country in November 2019. The podcast offers an introduction into some of the intricacies of this fascinating South American country.

Ray talked about his 2018 book The Neoliberal Paradox, the meaning of the term neoliberalism, and the different ways in which neoliberalism is – and is not – hegemonic. In doing so he suggested that some shifts in the politics of the left reflect rather than challenge neoliberal hegemony.