Forthcoming book: The Conservative Challenge to Globalization: Anglo-American Perspectives

Ray Kiely ( is Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, UK. His books include The Neoliberal Paradox (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018) and The Conservative Challenge to Globalization (Agenda Publishing, 2020).

This book examines the rise of conservative movements, and above all ideas, which in some respects challenge, but also possibly reinforce, neoliberal globalization. These include challenges to liberal cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, migration, and free trade, political correctness and the so-called liberal metropolitan elite. Conservatives and right wing populist support protectionism (and/or simultaneously the extension of free trade), ethnonationalism, closed borders, and nativism among ‘ordinary people’ and ‘middle Americans’ amongst smug liberalism. The book recognizes the power of some of the conservative critique, especially around liberal elitism, but suggests that the rise and resurgence of what Nancy Fraser has called reactionary neoliberalism, is full of inconsistencies and contradictions, and is both repellent and dangerous.

The book is published by Columbia University Press: