Publication: Elke Schwarz on Death Machines

By Elke Schwarz

Dr Elke Schwarz’s research focuses on the political and ethical implications of new technologies, with a focus on digital technologies and autonomous systems. In 2018, she published her monograph Death Machines: The Ethics of Violent Technologies. Her work has been published in Thesis Eleven, Security Dialogue, Millennium Journal of International Studies, the Journal of International Political Theory and other journals. She has been awarded a BA/Leverhulme Small Grant for a project titled Moral agency and meaningful human control: Exploring military ethical values for alignment in the use of autonomous weapons systems. Elke is co-founder of the BISA Ethics and World Politics Working Group and an RSA Fellow.

In this article in Ethical Record (Conway Hall), Elke Schwarz reflects on the ethics of autonomous weapons since the Korean War. The piece is a loose adaptation of a talk she gave at Conway Hall in December 2019. 

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