Doing IPS Transnational Hub: An initiative of IPS scholars across national and institutional boundaries

Doing IPS (  launched a new initiative: the Doing IPS Transnational Hub. It aims at fostering collaborations across national institutional boundaries between researchers working in International Political Sociology. It is grounded in the recognition that International Political Sociology is practiced in distinctive ways in various countries.

We envision the hub to be a space to:

  • exchange views on themes and debates that are currently shaping IPS within national and institutional research cultures;
  • discuss critical theoretical and methodological queries that inform IPS research across national contexts;
  • facilitate collaboration across disciplinary, institutional, and national boundaries;
  • share work in progress and provide feedback to our peers, with a focus on transnational collaborations.

The Doing IPS Transnational Hub met for the first time in Frankfurt for a lively workshop to reflect on the stakes of Doing IPS in relation to our respective research interests and institutional contexts, organized by Linda Monsees, with support of the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Next to coming up with a name for this initiative, we discussed themes such as what we mean when we take on IPS as a researcher identity, how the international is/can be enacted and/or studied, methodological choices and their contribution for doing critical research, and the future we see in Doing IPS.

We concluded the workshop with a working session about the future of this initiative.

If you want to contribute, please get in touch with Marie Beauchamps,

Doing IPS Transnational Hub is led by the following people:

Marie Beauchamps (London) (coordinator)

Jonathan Austin (Geneva)

Katja Freistein (Duisburg)

Lucy Hall (Amsterdam)

Marijn Hoijtink (Amsterdam)

Jef Huysmans (London)

Linda Monsees (London/Frankfurt)

Stéphanie Perazzone (Antwerp)

Rune Saugman (Tampere)

Renata Summa (Rio de Janeiro)