CALL FOR PAPERS – Doing IPS, PhD Seminar Series 2022/23 (deadline 10 July 2022)

IPS is a collaborative intellectual project that seeks to challenge the fundamental oppositions within traditional theorising, such as that between politics and society, the individual and the collective, structure and agency, internal and external, international and national or local.

Into its 5th year, the ‘Doing IPS’ PhD Seminar Series introduces graduate students to research inspired by International Political Sociology’s (IPS) commitment to challenge methodological and conceptual assumptions in their research disciplines, and ask new questions about transdisciplinary modes of inquiry. In addition to address the need for doctoral candidates to have a forum dedicated to IPS, the series will strengthen the analysis and evaluation skills of early career researchers.

Key Information from the Organizers

  • We invite applications from doctoral students in any discipline across the social sciences and humanities.
  • A commitment to attend all seminars throughout the year as well as to participate actively in the discussions is expected from participants.
  • The Doing IPS Seminar series will take place in-person this year, hence priority will be given to participants who can commit to come in-person to the sessions. We understand travel will not always be possible, but we are seeking to, once again, foster a supportive and collegial environment, which is best facilitated by an in-person experience.
  • Please be aware that this is a forum for extensive and engaged discussion of your work; if you are planning on presenting near the time you will be submitting your thesis, please make us aware when you apply.
  • Limited travel and accommodation grants are available for participants based outside London (to be considered on a case-by-case basis).

Deadline is 10th of July 2022. All details about the application are enclosed in the brochure below: