New Research: Project Demed

Ksenia Northmore-Ball is working on a team with Anja Neundorf, Katerina Tertytchnaya, and Eugenia Nazrullaeva to develop a theoretical framework to capture citizen support for political regimes. Secondly , in collaboration with the Varieties of Democracies Project, we are creating comparative measures of the two key components of authoritarian indoctrination, education and political communication, which we expect to be at the heart of impacting the formation of citizens’ democratic and authoritarian values. DEMED will create the first-ever global dataset that contains information on autocratic and democratic indoctrination, covering 180 countries from 1900 to today. This comprehensive new dataset will allow us to study the long-term bottom-up causes of democratisation and democratic backsliding. We are currently preparing a new questionnaire for Varieties of Democracies Project that measures indoctrination capacity, character of political education, and models of citizenship.

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