Special Issue – The Reconfiguration of Twenty-First Century Latin American Regionalism: Actors, Processes, Contradictions, and Prospects

In this special issue of Globalizations, Rowan Lubbock and Ernesto Vivares (FLACSO-Ecuador) seek to unsettle the staid narratives about regional integration within mainstream scholarship, by offering a multi-dimensional perspective on the making of regional spaces from above and below. Covering a range of contemporary regional institutions in Latin America (MERCOSUR, Pacific Alliance, ALBA-TCP, and UNSASUR), as well as regionalisms from below (indigenous/peasant regionalism), the SI aims to bring a more holistic understanding to an ever-expanding area of scholarship on both sides of the Atlantic.

The special issue is available in its entirety at https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rglo20/current.